4 of the Best Places to Drink Gin in London

Ginstitute London

Eighteenth century London. The city was slum-ridden, the streets were crowded. Unlicensed gin production was legal, and the price of it in comparison to other spirits was extremely low. So low, in fact, that the poorest people in London could afford it, and turned to it in an attempt to escape the cold and hunger they faced on a daily basis. Such was the popularity of gin at this time that it was estimated that of the 15,000 drinking establishments in London, over half were gin shops But what were the effects of this period of time known as the ‘Gin Craze’? At the time, consumption of gin was blamed for the rise in crime, misery, death rates, and falling birth rates, and it wasn’t until 1736 when the Government started passing specific Acts to control who could sell gin and the price of grain went up after a few bad harvests that things started to improve. In the 1820s, the column sill was invented, this lead to the distillation of neutral spirits becoming practical and lead on to London Dry Gin being created later that century. Since then, London Dry Gin has become one of the most popular forms of Keep reading this post...

London on Pinterest: the Best of London

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There may sometimes seem like there are too many social networks to keep up with nowadays, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Vine all keep people glued to their phones. One of our favourite, though, is Pinterest. The idea behind this is simple, people find pictures they like, and ‘pin’ them to virtual pin boards. The Keep reading this post...

The Angel Pub Crawl in London

Pub crawl - piebury

Before I get things underway, I think there may be a few things I need to clarify: First things first, the title for this article is slightly misleading. I apologise for that. However, the Angel-via-Highbury-Corner-and-parts-of-Holloway-Road Pub Crawl seemed a little ungainly and even given my distinctly clunky writing style, I felt a pared-back title was Keep reading this post...

Join us on our East End Food Tour

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Our 3.5 hour walking food tour takes you to some of our favourite restaurants and food stops in one of London’s most fascinating and offbeat neighborhoods- the East End. You’ll enjoy eight mouth-watering food tastings in restaurants, cafes and pubs that locals cherish but tourists rarely stumble upon. All the while you’ll get a behind-the-scenes taste of the East End’s unique history and culture – visiting hidden synagogues, meeting the colourful locals and getting to see some of the world’s most amazing street art. Experience the London you won’t find anywhere else, on an unforgettable tour that satisfies all of your senses!