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east end food tour

East End Food Tour

Experience the East End’s unique history, fascinating food culture, and world-famous street art.

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Twilight Soho Food Tour

Take advantage of London nights with an evening of food and wine in London’s infamous Soho district.

Soho neighborhood London

Music in Soho: A Brief History (or some of it)

Soho: you mention this area of London to 10 people and you’ll most likely hear 10 different opinions on the place. Sex shops, drugs, shopping, drinking, media… these are just a few of the things people associate the area with, but what many people don’t know is the historical importance of Soho. Now we can go back several hundred years here, looking at the important events that have happened and historical buildings that stand between Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus today, but we won’t. For this post we want to take a look at some of the more modern history of the area, and focus on the musical scene and the venues and acts that have been associated with Soho over the past 60 or so years. The First Rock Club in Europe Let’s start way back in the 1950s, when a small club called The 2i’s was taken over by an Australian man named Paul Lincoln (who also went by a wrestling name of Dr Death, but that’s a different story) and Ray Hunter. In 1956, Lincoln and Hunter hired Tom Littlewood, who had previously worked there as a bouncer, to become the club’s manager, and they reopened as Keep reading this post...

Kaffiene - Dairy-Free London

A Dairy-Free Guide to London

There’s no doubt that London is a foodie capital of the world. From Michelin-starred restaurants and cool gastropubs to laidback eateries and fast-food joints, the city has it all! But navigating the capital’s many restaurants and their menus can often be tricky for diners who are lactose intolerant. If you’re planning on visiting London soon and are in need of dairy-free day out, there’s no need to despair because I’ve searched far and wide across the capital for the best lactose-free things to eat and drink in London. Cookies and Scream Cookies and Scream is the perfect choice for those with a sweet tooth among us! Located in Camden Lock Market, this vegan bakery offers a huge range of dairy-, egg-, wheat- and gluten-free goodies. You can take your pick from a delicious selection of wholesome treats including chocolate chip cookies, gooey peanut butter brownies, iced donuts and sweet pies baked to perfection. If you’re feeling brave, they even offer Hot Mexican Cookies packed full of mouth-tingling chocolate and chilies. Just a small word of warning, queues at Cookies and Scream can often be out of the door. But I promise you, it’s well worth the wait! The Market Hall, Keep reading this post...

Soho London

Soho London vs. Soho New York: Take Our Quiz!

Soho: it conjures up visions of neon lights, buzzing nightlife, hipster hangouts and the original home to the oldest profession (do we need to spell that one out?). No matter which Soho you’re thinking of right now – London’s most central spot for a night out or New York’s most eclectic Manhattan neighborhood – it’s Keep reading this post...

Summer Pudding recipe

Recipe Blogger of the Month: Toni Brancatisano

Each month, Eating Europe is collaborating with a different food blogger to bring you recipes inspired by our food tours and the stunning European countries they take place in. Last month, we tried delicious Rome-inspired Torcetti al Burro e Birra made by Paola from Italy on My Mind. This month, with summer fruits coming into Keep reading this post...

eating london food tour curry

Cockney Rhyming Slang, 1840 – the future

The English language, what a massive thing it is. 67 countries around the world list English as their official first language and it’s spoken commonly in over 180 countries. Despite being down in third on most lists when it comes to the amount of people that speak it (behind Mandarin and Spanish), English remains the Keep reading this post...


7 Things to Do in London this Spring

I hesitate to state, so boldly, that spring is finally here. After all, we know that just as soon as you’ve put your heavy coats away and got excited about the fact that you might be able to get away with wearing something other than winter boots on your feet for the first time in Keep reading this post...

Thai food - Busaba Eathai - Soho

International Influences in the UK Food Scene

If you’ve read my last article on Alternative Soho, you’ll know that this neighborhood has the densest concentration of restaurants, cafés, clubs and bars in central London. Because London is such a cultural melting pot, it’s unlikely that you can’t find a flavor you like around here! With so many international restaurants scattered around, there Keep reading this post...


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