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east end food tour

East End Food Tour

Experience the East End’s unique history, fascinating food culture, and world-famous street art.

twilight soho food tour

Twilight Soho Food Tour

Take advantage of London nights with an evening of food and wine in London’s infamous Soho district.

london travel guide

Eating London’s Foodie Guide

Our Foodie Guide to London offers you insider’s tips on how to make the most of your visit. We’ve gathered together our favorite attractions, restaurants, bars and places to stay in London, as well as our very own shortlist of not-to-be-missed food and drinks in Britain!

Houses of Parliament London

7 Facts about London You’ve Probably Never Heard Before

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love London, and it’s also hard to find someone who doesn’t have a fact or two about the UK’s capital. While we could go on for days and days listing interesting pieces of trivia, here are our 7 favorite facts about London; hopefully there are a few here you haven’t heard before! 1. It’s against the law to die in the Houses of Parliament Most people are not too concerned about the legalities surrounding their death, and much like the law that made suicide illegal before 1961 (why would you care?), this is a bit of a strange one. The reason behind this law is that the Houses of Parliament, also known as the Palace of Westminster, are a Royal Palace, and anyone who dies there is entitled to a state funeral. This law was recently voted the most absurd in Britain, narrowly beating a Liverpool legislation that bans women from going topless in public, unless they work in a tropical fish store! 2. Great Ormond Street Hospital owns the rights to Peter Pan Great Ormond Street is possibly the best and most famous children’s hospital in the world. Peter Pan is one Keep reading this post...

Afternoon tea at The Ritz

Eating London’s Foodie Guide – just launched!

Here at Eating Europe, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new series of foodie travel guides for Amsterdam, Rome, London and Prague. Whether you’re just in London for 24 hours, or are spending a couple of weeks traveling around the UK, you’re sure to want to see, do and eat the best that the city has to offer. Our Foodie Guide to London offers you insider’s tips on how to make the most of your visit. We’ve gathered together our favorite attractions, restaurants, bars and places to stay in London, as well as our very own shortlist of not-to-be-missed food and drinks in Britain! And here is a sneak preview… Essential Food to Try in Britain Bubble and squeak – Bubble and squeak may have lost its popularity over the last decade but it still remains in the traditional English food hall of fame for a couple of reasons: 1) it’s an amazing way of using up leftovers, 2) it’s delicious. The recipe couldn’t be simpler; if you’ve got any leftover cabbage (or any vegetables) and mashed potato from a previously cooked meal, throw them both in a frying pan with a tiny dollop of butter and stir Keep reading this post...

Windsor Castle - day trip from London

5 Fascinating Day Trips You Can Make from London

Are you looking to head out of the capital this summer and visit more of the UK? Then you’re in the right place. Within just two hours of London, there’s a whole host of exciting towns and historical cities waiting to be discovered. From Bath to Brighton, we’ve got it covered! So just take a Keep reading this post...

La Cucina Caldesi

9 of the Best Cookery Schools in London

So you want a holiday in London but you prefer to make it a culinary adventure?  Or maybe you are looking to kick-start a new career with a professional and specialized cooking course. There are many cooking schools available in London, and I have researched the most popular and tried to summarize what they offer.  The choice Keep reading this post...

An Introduction to Mezze - Ottolenghi

A Beginner’s Guide to Mezze in London

If you’ve never had mezze before, then you’re seriously missing out! Not only is it delicious and simple, but it’s the perfect meal to share with friends or enjoy as a light bite. Found throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East, a traditional mezze platter is made up of a variety of hot and cold plates, Keep reading this post...


London Neighborhoods through Their Street Art

What was the last thing you did when you visited a new city? Explored the main sights? Visited a museum? Got on a hop-on-hop-off bus? Ate at all the latest hotspots? But what if there could be a whole other way to see a city… And really get to know its streets and its people? Keep reading this post...

French House Soho

The History of Soho: Your Self-Guided Pub Crawl

Like much of London, Soho is an area where you don’t just hear about the history of the area, you experience it. Today, Soho is a place that divides opinion. It seems everyone has their own thoughts about the place: is it London’s seedy red light district? Maybe it’s the heart of the capital’s music Keep reading this post...


10 of London’s Most Popular Food Trucks

Lately it seems like you can’t walk around London without bumping into a food truck and, frankly, we’re thrilled about it.  Gone are the days of heading to a “proper” restaurant with your friends.  Now, Londoners are flocking to street food markets around the city to sample global cuisine from London’s most popular food trucks. Keep reading this post...


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