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east end food tour

East End Food Tour

Experience the East End’s unique history, fascinating food culture, and world-famous street art.

twilight soho food tour

Twilight Soho Food Tour

Take advantage of London nights with an evening of food and wine in London’s infamous Soho district.

An Introduction to Mezze - Ottolenghi

A Beginner’s Guide to Mezze in London

If you’ve never had mezze before, then you’re seriously missing out! Not only is it delicious and simple, but it’s the perfect meal to share with friends or enjoy as a light bite. Found throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East, a traditional mezze platter is made up of a variety of hot and cold plates, salads and dips – yum! Influenced by Turkish, Lebanese and Greek flavors, just some of the dishes you’ll find include everything from pita bread with humus and olives, to falafel, lamb meatballs and even grilled octopus. The little plates are often shared between everyone at the table, accompanied by a side order of conversation and plenty of laughter. And traditionally, a mezze platter is eaten before a main meal, but I love it so much that I’ll happily skip my main course in favor of ordering more mezze dishes! Sound good? I think so too! Follow this handy guide to the best places in London for mezze, and you’ll want to visit them again and again. Yalla Yalla Open since 2008, Yalla Yalla is one of Soho’s best kept secrets! Take a wander to Green’s Court, and you’ll soon stumble across this tiny yet inviting Keep reading this post...


London Neighborhoods through Their Street Art

What was the last thing you did when you visited a new city? Explored the main sights? Visited a museum? Got on a hop-on-hop-off bus? Ate at all the latest hotspots? But what if there could be a whole other way to see a city… And really get to know its streets and its people? Street art is often an overlooked part of a city’s culture, and in this post I’ll take you past some of the best pieces of Street art in London. So on your next visit, you’ll have a whole new world to explore! History of Street Art in London London is one of the world’s best places to see street art, and artists come from far and wide in order to paint its walls. Street art developed in the 1990s and is still, for the most part, not commissioned or requested, so it is criminal and illegal. In London there are, however, some places around which street artists gather, and it seems that the councils have given up on taking the works down. Not only because it’s a game you can never quite win, but also because they see the amount of tourists that flock to Keep reading this post...

French House Soho

The History of Soho: Your Self-Guided Pub Crawl

Like much of London, Soho is an area where you don’t just hear about the history of the area, you experience it. Today, Soho is a place that divides opinion. It seems everyone has their own thoughts about the place: is it London’s seedy red light district? Maybe it’s the heart of the capital’s music Keep reading this post...


10 of London’s Most Popular Food Trucks

Lately it seems like you can’t walk around London without bumping into a food truck and, frankly, we’re thrilled about it.  Gone are the days of heading to a “proper” restaurant with your friends.  Now, Londoners are flocking to street food markets around the city to sample global cuisine from London’s most popular food trucks. Keep reading this post...

Soho neighborhood London

Music in Soho: A Brief History (or some of it)

Soho: you mention this area of London to 10 people and you’ll most likely hear 10 different opinions on the place. Sex shops, drugs, shopping, drinking, media… these are just a few of the things people associate the area with, but what many people don’t know is the historical importance of Soho. Now we can Keep reading this post...

Kaffiene - Dairy-Free London

A Dairy-Free Guide to London

There’s no doubt that London is a foodie capital of the world. From Michelin-starred restaurants and cool gastropubs to laidback eateries and fast-food joints, the city has it all! But navigating the capital’s many restaurants and their menus can often be tricky for diners who are lactose intolerant. If you’re planning on visiting London soon Keep reading this post...

Soho London

Soho London vs. Soho New York: Take Our Quiz!

Soho: it conjures up visions of neon lights, buzzing nightlife, hipster hangouts and the original home to the oldest profession (do we need to spell that one out?). No matter which Soho you’re thinking of right now – London’s most central spot for a night out or New York’s most eclectic Manhattan neighborhood – it’s Keep reading this post...

Summer Pudding recipe

Recipe Blogger of the Month: Toni Brancatisano

Each month, Eating Europe is collaborating with a different food blogger to bring you recipes inspired by our food tours and the stunning European countries they take place in. Last month, we tried delicious Rome-inspired Torcetti al Burro e Birra made by Paola from Italy on My Mind. This month, with summer fruits coming into Keep reading this post...


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