A Quick Guide to London’s Chinatown

Chinatown, London

It’s not easy being the popular child; indeed, some areas of London are considered so touristy that their positives can be overlooked. London’s Chinatown, which is concentrated around Gerrard Street near Leicester Square, often falls into this category. Chinatown has been a part of London since the 20th Century, but it hasn’t always been in the same part of the city. The current area dates back to the 1970s and it now houses dozens of Chinese or Asian-inspired restaurants, cafes and shops. Often recognised solely for its food offerings, in reality, there is so much more to do in compact Chinatown. If you plan your itinerary right, you could easily find a whole day’s worth of activity within these streets. The best way to discover Chinatown is by exploring slowly, but, if you’re in a hurry, here are some fail-safe options for a day out in London’s Chinatown. The Food in Chinatown Similar to other spots in London, like Brick Lane and, more recently, Soho’s Greek Street, Chinatown is, quite rightly, renowned for its food. The roads and alleyways around Gerrard Street are lined with cafes and restaurants, some with bright, neon signs while others are more muted, enticing patrons Keep reading this post...

London in the Rain

Old Spitalfields Market

If you’ve spent more than twenty minutes in London, you might have noticed that it’s prone to the odd rainy downpour. In fact as I write this, the conditions outside could best be described as ‘kayak-friendly’. With that in mind, I’ve assembled the below list of places to hide from the rain should the deluge Keep reading this post...

The Best American Diners in London

Red Dog Saloon

Here at Eating London, we love an American Diner. With everything from Burgers and Buffalo Wings to French Toast and Ice Cream Floats on offer, eating out just doesn’t get better than this! But with so many tasty American Diners to be found, deciding which one to visit can be difficult. We thought that it Keep reading this post...

London’s best historical homes

Charles Dickens House Museum

We all know of London’s long-spanning history; there is visual evidence of this all around us. From the segments of Roman walls in the city to renowned tourist attractions like the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament, history buffs are spoiled for choice when visiting London. For me, getting to Keep reading this post...

Join us on our East End Food Tour

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Our 3.5 hour walking food tour takes you to some of our favourite restaurants and food stops in one of London’s most fascinating and offbeat neighborhoods- the East End. You’ll enjoy eight mouth-watering food tastings in restaurants, cafes and pubs that locals cherish but tourists rarely stumble upon. All the while you’ll get a behind-the-scenes taste of the East End’s unique history and culture – visiting hidden synagogues, meeting the colourful locals and getting to see some of the world’s most amazing street art. Experience the London you won’t find anywhere else, on an unforgettable tour that satisfies all of your senses!