A Perfect Day in London

Hackney Pirates

I’d like to propose a thought experiment. Imagine having the ability to teleport to and from any place in London as simply as clicking your heels together three times (There may be a few dated analogies in this article, I just got back from watching The Wizard of Oz in 3D. Fly, my pretties, fly!!!! – ummm, sorry about that). Imagine also that hangovers and calorie counting weren’t concerns and that money wasn’t an issue either*. Sounds pretty cool, right? But there’s a caveat (as always); these powers will only exist for one day. So what would you do for this perfect day in London? This is my attempt: Breakfast Ottolenghi (287 Upper Street – Angel or Highbury & Islington tubes – there are three other branches too) Clicking my ruby red Adidas high-tops together three-times, my first stop has got to be Ottolenghi on Upper Street N1 for a spot of breakfast. Although my not-so-inner-Irishman is surprised to not go for a full Irish, the lure of the almost-perfect Shakshuka (a north african dish with eggs, peppers and tomatoes) followed up with Cinnamon French Toast is too strong. That’s right, dessert at breakfast time – It’s gonna be a Keep reading this post...

20 Top Foodie Instagram Accounts


It’s no longer a strange sight to see a diner hovering over their dish, iPhone in hand, trying to snap the perfect shot. With the rise of the food blog also came the rise of Instagramming one’s food to within an inch of its life. We’ve put together a list of 20 of the best Keep reading this post...

Join us on our East End Food Tour

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Our 3.5 hour walking food tour takes you to some of our favourite restaurants and food stops in one of London’s most fascinating and offbeat neighborhoods- the East End. You’ll enjoy eight mouth-watering food tastings in restaurants, cafes and pubs that locals cherish but tourists rarely stumble upon. All the while you’ll get a behind-the-scenes taste of the East End’s unique history and culture – visiting hidden synagogues, meeting the colourful locals and getting to see some of the world’s most amazing street art. Experience the London you won’t find anywhere else, on an unforgettable tour that satisfies all of your senses!